Car Shipping to Cyprus

Car Shipping to Cyprus | Importing a car to Cyprus


Bringing your vehicle from the U.K into Cyprus is a straight forward process. Firstly we would need a copy of the log book for the vehicle sent to us.

We will then fax a copy over to our Limassol shipping agent, who will then book your vehicle on the next available vessel.

We will inform you of a date and you can choose whether to take the vehicle to Bristol or Southampton port where your car will be loaded and shipped to our Limassol port.

car shipping to Cyprus

Once your vehicle arrives here in Cyprus, we at Peter Morton Removals Ltd will be immediately notified and make arrangements to take you, the registered vehicle owner, along with your passport and the original log book to our clearing agents in Limassol in order to collect your car.

Once the clearing procedure has been completed in Limassol you will be free to drive your car away with a 3 month temporary import slip.

It is now your responsibility to register the car in Cyprus.

Alternative Method of Car shipping to Cyprus.